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Appendix D: Enrichment Programmes (2020)

Dear Parents/Guardians,


1.     In line with our objective to provide a holistic education, the school has planned a range of programmes to give your son/ward a wide exposure and an opportunity to develop his talents.

2.     The programmes are subsidized by the school and a co-payment is required for each programme.  The brief description of the planned programmes and the indicative cost are listed in Annex A.

3    Please refer to the table below for payment related information

For Singaporean student

For Permanent Resident  &

International Student

a)     If you have established an Edusave Enrichment Programme Standing Order, the co-payment will be deducted from your son’s Edusave Account.

b)     Please complete the attached Annex B for your son’s participation in the planned programmes and return it by today.

c)     Please be assured that details on the enrichment programmes and amount payable by your child/ward would be provided before any deduction is made from your child/ward Edusave account.

d)     If there is insufficient fund in your Edusave account, arrangements will be made for payment via cash or cheque at a later date.

a)     Details on the enrichment programmes would be provided at a later date. 

b)     The school will make arrangements with you to make payment via cash or cheque at a later date.

4.     Thank you.

Enrichment Programmes for Year 2020 (Annex A)

Programme TitleAmount Payable by pupils
Museum Experience Learning Journey$8.00
Orientation Dragon Boat Programme$18.00
Swimming Programme $26.00
Taekwondo Programme $29.00
Total $81.00