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Appendix B: PSG

Dear Parents,


Welcome to the Montfortian family!

The Parent Support Group (PSG) is an integral part of Montfort Secondary School. It is an active committee of dedicated and concerned parents, supporting all school activities over the years that have helped enhance relations and understanding between the school and parents as well as between parent and child. It bridges the gap between the school, parent and the child.

We have also come forth to help the school in some PSG supported programmes such as the Parents Extravaganza, Values-In-Action Programmes, Parent and Child Bonding Programmes, Teachers’ Day Celebrations and many others.

Being a member of the PSG has many advantages. One of the advantages is the great network and rapport you will build by being a part of the team. You'll be surprised by the information you can learn about your teenager.

To continue to do this good work, the PSG needs more hands, new members and fresh ideas to make our group even more dynamic.

Take up this challenge! Be a member of the Montfort PSG. To register, please sign up online via the following QR code. Labor Omnia Vincit!

PSG QR.png

Dr Edwin Foo