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Vision, Mission & Values

The School Vision, Mission, Motto and Values are common with our brother school, Montfort Junior School.

The journey towards having a common set of statements began as early as 2008 and these statements were finalised by the end of 2009.

Since then, both Montfort Junior and Secondary share the same set of Vision, Mission, Motto and Value statements. We believe that these statements are important foundations to both our schools, providing a ten-year Montfortian educational experience to every young boy, who joins us at the age of six and graduates at 16 or 17 years of age.

We also recognise that each school has its own set of more immediate challenges. Hence, at the level of strategic thrusts, both schools have their own strategies to better respond to the needs of their students and present contexts.


A Man for Others – a Scholar, a Sportsman, a Gentleman and a Leader.


Montfort is a Catholic School. Guided by our Montfortian Values and Spirituality, we nurture each individual to realise his potential and inspire him to be a Man for Others.

School Motto & Values

Our School Motto “Age Quod Agis” translates to “Do Well In Whatever You Do”. It reminds our boys of the dignity of work and that the work they do is important and represents who they are. Therefore, they need to take pride in their assigned tasks and do it to the best of their abilities.