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Logo and Song

School Logo

The Brothers of St Gabriel crest is worn by pupils of Gabrielite schools all over the world. The centerpiece of the school crest is the Coat of Arms, which has quadrants. The crest is adorned with green olive branches to symbolise peace and prosperity. It is the duty of each one to promote peace in the world, a peace that will last.

The crest carries the Brothers of St Gabriel motto ‘LABOR OMNIA VINCIT’ which stands for ‘Labour conquers all things’.

Hard work, embodied in diligence and perseverance, leads one to achieve great things in life.

The derivation is Montfort School’s motto ‘AGE QUOD AGIS’ or to ‘Do well in whatever you do.’

School Song

“Song of the Brave”
Lyrics by Mr Teo Kah Leng
Music by Mr Chua Song Koon
MIDI by Tan Kah Yong (’96 4S1)

All ye sons of Montfort School,
Ever grateful be and true,
To your Alma Mater dear,
For her loving care of you.

Keep your filial piety,
Burning bright your whole life through,
Ever jealous of her name,
Ever mindful of her claim.

Hark! Her bugle sounds aloud,
Rise her sons, and play your part,
With a song upon your lips and
a courage in your heart.

See! Her banner in the breeze,
Freely flutters high and smart!
Feel in you a surging pride,
When your Mater’s colours ride.