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Non Financial Information

Name of Organisation: Montfort Secondary School
Address: 50 Hougang Ave 8 
                 Singapore 538785

Name of Contact Person: Tan Lay Yen
Telephone No: 65107075
Fax No: 63862804
Email Address: contact@montfortsec.edu.sg
Website Address: http://montfortsec.moe.edu.sg/

Charity StatusIPC Status
A Member of Education Central Fund 


Montfort Secondary, established in 1916, is a Government Aided School of the Montfort Brothers of St Gabriel under the Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore.  As a Catholic school, we espouse the Universal Gospel Values and are committed to providing an inclusive, safe and dynamic environment for all our boys regardless of faith and background.  We also believe that there is a place for an all-boys education and we develop and cater our programmes to the needs of boys - giving them appropriate structure and discipline as well as the space to grow and discover their leadership, talents and strengths.

Our School Motto "Age Quod Agis" translates to "Do Well in Whatever you Do".  It reminds our boys of the dignity of work and that the work they do is important and represents who they are.  Therefore, they need to take pride in their assigned tasks and do them to the best of their abilities.  Our School Values are Compassion, Humility, Respect, Integrity, Service, Team Spirit & Excellence - together they spell CHRISTE which also represents our faith in God and Christ.

A Man for Others – a Scholar, a Sportsman, a Gentleman and a Leader.

Montfort is a Catholic School. Guided by our Montfortian Values and Spirituality, we nurture each individual to realise his potential and inspire him to be a Man for Others


Underlying Montfort Secondary's teaching and learning approach is the belief that boys learn better when we adopt Boy-Centric Teaching (BCT) strategies. Translated into classroom delivery, this would mean that teachers now incorporate rigour, movement and novelty into their lessons. 

The Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in Information Systems Technology & Design that was recently introduced aims to provide our students with foundational skills in this frontier learning domain.

The development of leadership and character is another vital part of our Montfortian Education.  We do this through our flagship Montfort Values Plus (MVP) programme that is aligned to MOE's CCE curriculum and supported by a tiered Values-in-Action Programme for our boys from Secondary 1 through 5. 

Montfort's Learning for Life Programme (LLP) is centred on Leadership Development through Sports (Badminton, Softball & Football) & Outdoor Education. Our boys hone their leadership skills through various class, CCA and school activities, embarking on community and school projects aligned to the Kouzes & Posner Leadership Challenge Model. 

For our Catholic Boys, we have programmes catered for them including Religious & Moral Education lessons and regular Eucharistic celebrations.  The school also provides opportunities for the students to appreciate the Arts through our 3 "E" Approach (Exposure, Expression & Excellence). 

Key Employees 
Mr Kelvin Lim (Principal)

Assurance Partners LLP