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Parent Support Group

The mission of the Parent Support Group is to
• recruit parents as volunteers in school to support student learning and school programmes
• establish effective two-way communication between the school and parents about the child’s progress and school programmes
• help parents to provide a conducive home environment to support their child’s learning
• provide parents with practical information to support their child’s learning at home.

PSG School Liasion Team

Teacher Coordinator / IC - Ms. Judeana Woon
School Counselor / PSG Liasion - Ms. Silver SK
Teacher / PSG Liasion - Mr. Ronald Yapp
Teacher / PSG Liasion - Ms. Kavitha Subramaniam
Teacher / PSG Liasion -  Ms. Joyce Gayathri


Chairman - Dr. Christopher Wong
Vice-Chairman - Mr. Walter Wu
Secretary - Ms. Jenny Leong
Treasurer - Ms. Nomi Hairudin
Media / Publicity - Ms. Cynthia Chong

PSG poster to be placed after PSG EXCO team (Parents) and link to the PSG banner link.jpg


The following activities/events have been planned and organised in partnership with our PSG.

PSG parents were invited to celebrate Chinese New Year with the school and the residents of Thye Hua Kwan Nursing Home.

PSG parents attending Founder’s Day celebration and receiving their certificate of service award in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the school.

Founder_s Day P3.jpg
Founder_s Day P4.jpg

Farm Trail, our mid-year parent-child bonding event organized for all parents and their sons in May 2018, comprising visits to Hay Dairies, Fish and Veggie Farms.

Farm Trail P1.jpg
Farm Trail P7.jpg

PSG members at the Teachers’ Day Lunch and Dinner. The PSG members raised funds to purchase lunch boxes as mementos for all school staff to show their appreciation during Teachers’ Day celebrations in school.

Teachers Day Dinner P3.jpg
Teachers Day Lunch.jpg