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Computer Applications
Animation and Game Making Competition
Recipient: Nevan Teo Wei Xuan 
Gold Award
Recipient: Muhammad Alif Mustaqim Bin Yusree 
Silver Award


TSL 2019 International Schools Essay Competition
Honourable Mention (Top 20%)

Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad 2019
Honourable Mention Award

Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad 2019
Certificate of Merit Award

Chinese Language
2019 National Chinese News Editing Competition
Bronze Award


11th Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad

1 clinched the Bronze Award
4 were awarded The Honourable Mention
17 attained the Certificate of Participation.

Chinese Language
Create Your Own Newspaper Competition 2018 
Commendation Award
LianHe ZaoBao Student Correspondents 2018 
Certificate of Participation
2018 National Literature Camp 
Certificate of Participation
2018 National On-The-Spot Chinese Creative Essay Writing Competition
Certificate of Participation

Tamil Language
2018 Sorkalam – Tamil National Debate Series for Secondary School
Best Speaker Award - Arivarman Anbualagan
Certificate of Participation 
2018 Methavi – Media Corps Episode 
Certificate of Participation


Design & Technology
SZ Millennium Challenge Competition Results
Bridge building category
5th place in Design
3rd place in Design
Motorized Vehicle category
5th place for speed
Non-motorized vehicle category
Champion in Design

10th Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad
4 clinched the Bronze Award
2 awarded an Honourable Mention
9 attained a Certificate of Participation

Elements of Business Skills
National Youth Business Challenge
Gold Award and a special prize for The Most Earth-Friendly Enterprise Award + $300 Fraser’s cash vouchers.



Design & Technology
St Andrew’s South Zone Millennium Challenge (SZMC)
  • 2nd prize: Motorised (Speed)
  • 5th prize: Mechanical (Design)
  • 5th prize: Mechanical (Distance)

Elements of Business Skills
National Youth Business Challenge 
Bronze award + Most Cohesive Team award at the National Youth Business Challenge (NYBC)