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Subject Combination

Sec 3 Subject Combination 2023

Welcome to our Subject Combination Information Site!

In order for the students to make a more informed decision on the subjects he would benefit most from, we have put together a set of information on 

1) the list of subjects offered in each stream, 
2) the eligibility criteria for the pure sciences combination, pure humanities combination and elective subjects,
3) the Information of Secondary 3 subjects,
4) the information of his post-secondary education pathways.

Calendar of Events

Feb 2022
S3 Subject Combination Briefing Part 1 @ S2 Parents’ Symposium
After MYE Exam
(26 May 2022)
S3 Subject Combination Briefing 1 (for Students)
-S3 Subject Combination Online Survey
August 2022 
S3 Subject combination briefing 2 (for Students)
1) S3 Subject Combinations 
2) Introduction of Subject Combination Website
3) Google form 
(Submission of enquires on specific subj or subj combinations)
 After EOY Exam
(October 2022)
S3 Subject Combination Briefing 3 (for Students)
- Briefing on S3 Online Subject Combination Exercise
- Q & A sessions by IP Heads 
 25 Oct 2022 – 31 Oct 2022S3 Online Subject Combination Exercise 
4 Nov 2022Results Release to Students via Email 
 4 Nov 2022 – 7 Nov 2022Online Appeal for Subject Combination 
 14 Nov 2022Appeal Results Release to Students via Email 
Last week of Dec Class Allocation Results to Students via Email 

Tips for Choosing Subject Combination

It is important to take into account the following factors,

(a) His specific interests, 
(b) Ability to cope with the subjects selected,
(c) Alignment with his future post-secondary options. 

There is no “best” or “most prestigious” subject combination that a Montfortian should opt for. Instead, the primary consideration should be to choose a subject combination which is most ideal for himself according to his interests, aptitude and aspiration for post-secondary education. 

Click on the video to watch a video talk by our ECG Counsellor, Ms. Leaw Hui Meen on choosing subject combination.

ECG video.JPG

Information is accurate as of 1 June 2022. Any changes will be communicated through Parents Gateway (PG).