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Values in Action


Values in Action (VIA) forms an important part of citizenship education. In line with our school mission of developing our students to be a Man for Others, much effort has been put into crafting a suitable VIA projects for all students of different levels.

VIA aims to provide students with opportunities to serve, relate and work with people beyond the school context. In the process of the student’s involvement in the VIA projects, leadership skills, independent learning, teamwork, creativity and confidence are encouraged. This allows students to be sensitive to the real needs of the community and be able to empathise with people around them. It is our mission to nurture students to become lifelong volunteers.

Instructional Programmes

Love Hamper Project (Collaboration with Bedok Reservoir-Punggol CO)

We organised the hamper project as part to put into practice our Montfortian values of compassion and social responsibility and extended it to the needy in our society. It is also to get into the spirit of giving during the Chinese New Year celebrations.The hampers were donated to the needy households staying at Hougang Neighbourhood. Our classes not only prepared amazingly gorgeous hampers filled with goodies brought from their home, many students in various classes also went the extra mile by writing well-wishes for the residents.Our student volunteers presented the needy households in the Hougang Neighbourhood with the hampers.

Project Majulah! (Secondary 4 and 5)

Our Secondary 4 and 5 students participated in a 3D1N camp. The theme of their VIA project was “Project Majulah!” and our students went through the process of service learning (Investigation, Preparation, Action, Reflection) in order to uncover social and community issues in Singapore. Each class came up with a campaign to make a difference to the beneficiaries that they seek to advocate for.Examples of projects:

  • Social Grace (Kindness and Courtesy)
  • Save Food Cut Waste
  • Foreign Workers (Appreciating the unsung heroes)
  • The Underprivileged (in collaboration with Mercy Relief)
  • Media Literacy

Montfort Challenge (Secondary 1 to 3)

As part of our centennial celebrations, we will be having a school-wide event – the Montfort Challenge to serve the very community that has supported the school throughout the years. Our Secondary 1 to 3 students will be provided with various opportunities to serve the less fortunate in the community and truly personify our school’s mission and vision of nurturing young men into a Man for Others.

The theme of the Montfort Challenge is “Be the Light of the World”.

The school will be working closely with our community partners for the Montfort Challenge project. This would create more meaningful and sustainable opportunities for volunteering in the communities. This will also lead to students feeling a stronger sense of belonging to the community, and a greater willingness by the community to support the efforts of the school.