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National Education

National Education (NE) is an integral component of Montfort Secondary School’s Character and Citizenship Education. National Education aims to instil in our students, confidence in our nation’s future and cultivate a sense of belonging and emotional rootedness to Singapore.

NE Head, Heart, Hands Framework
The school is guided by the MOE’s NE Head, Heart and Hands Framework:

In engaging the “Head”, students should be actively involved in their own learning. In engaging the “Heart”, students should connect emotionally with the Singapore story. In engaging the “Hands”, students should have opportunities to give back to society, and realise that everyone has a part to contribute to and create Singapore’s future, and, where possible, to lead in different fields of society.
The outer-most ring represents three key groups of stakeholders that are involved in the delivery of NE – educators, students and the community. This reinforces the idea that NE is owned by everyone, and emphasizes the importance of community partners in the process of NE.

Purpose of NE @ MSS

The NE Team seeks to achieve the following objectives:

1. To develop national cohesion, the instinct for survival and confidence in the future.
2. To foster a sense of identity, pride and self-respect as Singaporeans.
by knowing the Singapore story — how Singapore succeeded against the odds to become a nation.
3. To understand Singapore’s unique challenges, constraints and vulnerabilities, and the significance of racial harmony.
4. To instill the school values as our way of life, and to inculcate the 6 NE messages to ensure our continued success and well-being.
5. To nurture our students to be Confident Persons, Self-directed Learners, Active Contributors and Concerned Citizens, able to exhibit care and concern to self, others, the school, the community and the nation.
6. To develop the following skills in our students:
    • Civic Literacy, Global Awareness and Cross-Cultural Skills
    • Critical and Inventive Thinking
    • Information and Communication skill

National Education Messages

    1. Singapore is our homeland; this is where we belong. We treasure our heritage and take pride in shaping our own unique way of life.
    2. We must preserve racial and religious harmony. We value our diversity and are determined to stay a united people.
    3. We must uphold meritocracy and incorruptibility. We provide opportunities for all, according to their ability and effort.
    4. No one owes Singapore a living. We find our own way to survive and prosper, turning challenge into an opportunity.
    5. We must ourselves defend Singapore. We are proud to defend Singapore ourselves, no one else is responsible for our security and well-being.
    6. We have confidence in our future. United, determined and well-prepared, we have what it takes to build a bright future for ourselves and to progress together as one nation.

Key Features


Infusion of NE into Montfortian Values Plus (MVP) lessons, subjects and learning journeys.

Commemoration of the 4 Core NE Events

Total Defence Day is commemorated on 15 February annually to mark Singapore’s fall to the Japanese in 1942. Total Defence is the cornerstone of Singapore’s deterrent strategy. Total Defence Day serves to remind Montfortians that Singapore is defensible and is worth defending, and we ourselves must defend Singapore. Total Defence is crucial to the continued security, survival and success of the country.

Theme – “Together we keep Singapore strong”

To reaffirm the solidarity, strength and values that have brought the nation to where we are now and which will bring Singapore forward into the next 50 years.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the rationale behind Total Defence
  2. Know that Total Defence is the cornerstone of Singapore’s deterrent strategy
  3. Recognise that Total Defence is crucial to the continued security, survival and success of the country.

Key Highlights

  • Talk on Total Defence and National Service by MINDEF
  • Quiz on TDD by NE Ambassadors
  • Crime and counter-terrorism booth by SPF
  • Fire drill
  • Food rationing
  • Sec 1-3 MVP Total Defence Canvas Art Competition
  • Sec 4/5 MVP Engagement Session with C2D Ambassadors by NEXUS

International Friendship Day is a day dedicated to the understanding of Singapore’s relations with neighbouring countries and beyond. IFD provides a good opportunity for students to explore Singapore’s connection to the region and the world. Commemoration of IFD help Montfortians gain a deeper appreciation of regional cooperation and infuse students with a global outlook that makes them open to working well with people of different cultures; both within Singapore and in the world at large.

Racial Harmony Day is commemorated on 21st July. On this day in 1964, Singapore saw racial riots. Racial Harmony Day serves to remind our pupils that social division costs us dearly and that race and religion are potential fault-lines in Singapore society. It is a day for the school and Montfortians to reflect on, and celebrate our success as a harmonious nation and society built on a rich diversity of cultures and heritages.

National Day marks our Separation from Malaysia, and our emergence as an independent country in the community of nations. The annual National Day Ceremony aims to bring to Montfortians a greater sense of the historical importance and solemnity of National Day.

Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys aim to instill Montfortians, pride in Singapore’s achievements, to help them understand Singapore’s constraints, challenges and opportunities, build their confidence in our future, and nurture a sense of belonging to Singapore. Besides helping to make real and concrete what has been learnt in schools, LJ will broaden the mental horizons of students and contribute to their total development.

NE Ambassadors

NE Ambassadors are student leaders who want to promote citizenship values in the school and are role models of youth citizens in Singapore. They are also highly involved in NE school events, like the commemoration of Total Defence Day and National Day Celebrations. NE Ambassadors will undergo Leadership Training in Term 3.

NE Quiz

All Secondary 4 students will take the NE Quiz which aims to test pupils’ knowledge and understanding of National Education.

NE Programmes

International Friendship Day 

Theme – “ASEAN”

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the rationale behind International Friendship.
  • Know how Singapore forges good relationships with countries in ASEAN through Sports.
  • Recognise that building diplomatic relations with countries in the region is crucial for the continued security, survival and success of the country.

Key Highlights

  • IFD Sharing by Hougang United Football Club, HUFC
  • In-Conversation with Football Personalities
  • Football Demo Lesson by HUFC
  • Recess Football Engagement
  • IFD Booth by Mercy Relief
  • Sec 1-4/5 IFD-MVP Lesson