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Cyber Wellness


To focus on developing the child’s instinct to protect himself and others online as well as to empower him to take responsibility for his own wellbeing in cyberspace.

To equip our students with life-long social-emotional competencies and sound values so that they can become safe, respectful and responsible users of ICT.

Instructional Programmes

Every student will have to go through 4 lessons on Cyber Wellness on themes including Cyber Use, Cyber Identity, Cyber Relationship and Cyber Citizenship.

As part of our efforts to bring about a greater awareness about Cyber Wellness, we have arranged the following programmes to achieve the desired student outcomes.

Cyber Wellness Week

Hall Assembly program on Cyber Wellness 

A talk in which a video clip on Cyber Bullying jointly created by our Cyber Wellness student ambassadors and a vendor will be displayed.

Cyber Wellness Carnival 

Our Cyber Wellness Ambassadors will set up booths at the canteen with games and quiz stations, exploring cyber wellness. We have intentionally created platforms for our Cyber Wellness Ambassadors to demonstrate leadership qualities. In addition, this allows us to better engage the student and staff population through these exciting and educational activities.

Cyber Wellness Training

Cyber Wellness Ambassadors Training

In this programme, the cyber wellness ambassadors will be going through five 2-hour training sessions to equip them with the knowledge and ability to do research on cyber wellness issues as well as to design and deliver cyber wellness presentations to their classmates effectively. This programme will be held as a precursor to the Cyber Wellness Week.

Cyber Wellness Highlights

Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador Recognition (STAR) 
Four of our Cyber Wellness Ambassadors were selected to present at the above event jointly organised by MOE ETD, MDA and the inter-ministerial committee for cyber wellness. Our boys presented on our school program on the aspect of “for students by students” and did us proud!