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ICT  Accounts

Every Montfortian will be provision with the following ICT accounts:

1) Windows / SWN Account
This account enables the student to use the laptops in school. The same account is also used to sign in to the WIFI network in school. The SSID for the wireless network is SWN@SSOE.
The password must include 1 upper case, 1 lower case, numeric digits and minimum 8 characters long. To reset the password, please use the link.
2) GAFE (Google Apps for Education) Email
This is the school’s official email for the student.
Username: <your assigned id>@montfortsec.edu.sg
To reset your GAFE password, please see Ms Nadiah at Staff Room, Level 2 personally.
3) Adminbreeze Account
Adminbreeze is the administration portal that contains students’ attendance records and school’s assessment results.
Username: Same as SLS username 
To reset Adminbreeze password, please use the link or see Ms Nadiah at Staff Room, Level 2 personally.
4) Mobile Apps to be installed
Students are encouraged to install the following mobile apps on their phones.
1 ict.jpg
5) Sec 1 Digital Literacy Programme

The Digital Literacy Program aims to build a fundamental understanding of computers. This course requires the student to be self-directed in learning. The whole course will be e-learning. Sec 1 students are required to take the online certification by Term 1 Week 10. Students who did not get a pass will be able to re-take the certification.
The course materials can be found here.