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ICT Accounts

Every Montfortian will be provisioned with the following ICT accounts:

Note: The password is the same for the following school accounts.

Q) Who do I look for if I have forgotten the password to these accounts?
A: Please approach the Desktop Engineer (DE) at 
    Level 1, Computer Lab 2
    Level 2, Computer Lab 4

1) Windows (SSOE) / School Wireless Network (SWN) Account
This account enables the student to use the laptops in school. The same account is also used to sign in to the WIFI network in school. 

The SSID for the wireless network is SWN@SSOE.

2) Student iCON email

URL: https://workspace.google.com/dashboard
Email Address: <your assigned ID>@students.edu.sg
Password: your Student iCON password

3) Log in to ACER PLD

Log in: <your assigned ID>@students.edu.sg
Password: your Student iCON password