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Applied Learning Programme

Applied Learning Programme – Made In Montfort



Over the years, we have had the honour to share our work with overseas visitors from Australia, Brazil, Brunei, Germany, Philippines, Russia and Thailand.

The Made In Montfort ALP was featured in exhibitions like Maker Faire Singapore and the Computing Teachers Seminar, garnering very positive feedback from visitors and industry experts. We are also very proud to be featured by multiple local and international media. Click the links above to see us in action!

Objective of ALP

In alignment to the motto of our school: Age Quod Agis, which means “Do well in whatever you do”, it is believed that through infusing Design, Coding and Making skills, our school is able to develop a community of dynamic learners who are able to apply knowledge across disciplines and conceive solutions through skills learned in a rich forward-looking curriculum.

Excite students about technologies

Supporting Singapore’s vision of becoming the first Smart Nation in the world, the ALP aims to excite students about current and future technologies. In so doing, it is hoped that more students make relevant Computer Science and STEM related courses their choice in their tertiary education. This in turn helps to alleviate the problem of a shrinking pool of engineers and technical personnel currently faced by the nation. By exposing students to technology, coding, and computers in general, it can spark their interest and surface inert talents.

Strengthen thinking skills, problem-solving skills and teamwork

There is much to learn by working in teams and solving problems together. The ALP is a great platform for students to strengthen their
1. Critical
2. Creative
3. Logical
4. Systems
thinking processes by problem-solving in a real-world context.

Furthermore, students learn to embrace the strengths and weaknesses of others and how to come together to overcome challenges as a team.

Enhance learning in other subjects

Finally, the content of the ALP should be made relevant by incorporating elements of other subjects. It can serve as an enhancement, allowing students to appreciate these subjects better. The skills and knowledge that students gain through the ALP can also help them to create advanced content in related subjects. This will be a win-win for both the subject and the ALP.

Our Team

Teacher - Mr Wong Teck Piaw (ALP Co-ordinator)
Teacher - Mr Azman Bin Hussin
Teacher - Mr R Jayakumar
Teacher - Mr Simon Sin Kum Sing
Teacher - Ms Tan Ying Lin Johanna
Teacher - Ms Chue Pui Fang
Teacher - Mr Wong Yong Zhao Caleb

Instructional Programme

Sec 1 Programme

At the introduction stage, Secondary One students are equipped with fundamental skills in basic programming, microcontrollers, and electronics. Students are provided with a challenge task of applying their knowledge of Science and Mathematics through the development of their own automated Arduino-based Shooter Game.

Sec 2 Programme

The Secondary Two programme is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Educate and Cloud Tech to introduce students to the cutting edge technologies in cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. Our students will learn basic applications in AI and ML, such as image recognition, the deployment of chatbots and smart assistants harnessing Natural Language Processing, and reinforcement learning in the training of self-driving vehicles. This exposure readies our students to harness these key technologies as they enter the digital workforce in the near future. This programme then continues by building on the formal curriculum of Design and Technology. Students are introduced to advanced programming concepts and more knowledge of electronics applications that incorporate the use of sensors and actuators. Their learning culminates in the design of a final product, i.e. a blockchain-inspired Smart Savings Bank that allows the student to collect data on their spending habits, as well as automate the process of depositing and storing money. 

Tier 2 Programme

Some of the projects from the Tier 2 programme hosted in our very own Makerspace are:

1. 3D printing student workshops
2. Laser cutting student workshops
3. Learning Journeys to Maker Extravaganza

To encourage students to further their dreams in making and innovation, the school established a Maker Club CCA in 2019. The Maker Club supplements the knowledge gained through the Tier 1 programme by exposing members to other skills such as digital fabrication, basic making techniques, and tinkering.

Through its ALP, Montfort Secondary School works towards developing its students as future-ready citizens with STEM dispositions.

Agency Partner

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