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We are a community which aims to develop skills, competencies and values in our students so as to enable them to better serve the 21st century society.

We will achieve our mission by:

  • Working together as a community to improve our teaching methodologies and pedagogies
  • Developing our students’ cognitive and affective domains through our Science curriculum

Our Team

Head of Department – Mr Chee Meng Teck

Subject Head – Ms Daphne Lee Yen Hong

Senior Teacher – Mr Chia Yong Koon (Chemistry)

Senior Teacher – Mr Azman Bin Hussin (Biology)

Teacher – Ms Eileen Lee Poh Ping (School Staff Developer)

Teacher – Mr Ng Mun Leong (Head Of Department / Information Communication Technology)

Teacher – Mrs Tan-Yeo Su Lynn Jaime (Assistant Year Head / Upper Secondary)

Teacher – Mdm Julia Ee Joo Lian

Teacher – Ms Chua Yingying Joyce 

Teacher – Ms Lee Jia Qi

Teacher – Mr Lim Kim Huat

Teacher – Ms Nur Munirah Bte Riduan

Teacher – Ms Chue Pui Fang

Teacher – Mrs Tan-Sin Li Huang

Teacher – Mr Ang Yu Jian

Food and Consumer Education Teacher – Ms Joyce Gayathri Dev

Food and Consumer Education Teacher – Ms Priscilla Louis

Food and Consumer Education Teacher – Ms Jamilah Bte Rati

Support Staff – Mr Thomas Ang Juay Theng

Support Staff – Miss Lee Boy San

Support Staff – Mdm Roslne Binte Karsani

Food and Consumer Education Support Staff – Mdm Noorjahan

Our Curriculum Feature

science_prog1.pngWe have tiered our science programmes to give our students an EDGE when they complete their secondary education with us.

Secondary 1: Engage
Making the learning of Science an authentic and interesting experience

Secondary 2: Develop
Developing their scientific knowledge and skills

Secondary 3: Grow
Gaining deeper understanding in the various disciplines of science

Secondary 4/5: Excel
Achieving mastery in the learning of Science
After EDGE (Refer to word document).jpg

Our Curriculum Framework

Science Department’s Instructional Programme is driven by Inquiry-Based Science Department’s direction is driven by Inquiry-Based Learning Approach and guided by SOLO Taxonomy of Learning Outcomes and 5 E’s model of inquiry.

Under Our curriculum framework_pic1.jpg

Under Our curriculum framework_pic2.png

Food and Consumer Education

Under Food and Consumer Education (Refer to word document).png

Our Curriculum Objectives

  1. Making informed food choices regarding a healthy diet
  1. Understanding the scientific principles underlying food preparation, processing and safety
  1. Demonstrate good organisational and time management skills in planning for an investigation or a task
  1. Apply food preparation techniques and use different cooking methods in preparing dishes/meals for different situations
  1. Communicate ideas effectively
  1. Working effectively in a team setting

Our Curriculum Feature


Under Food and Consumer Education - Our Curriculum feature.jpg

Culinary Skills

In the course of Secondary One and Two, our students will be able to acquire the following skills:

  • Identifying herbs and spices
  • Cutting techniques
  • Cooking methods – frying, grilling, baking, steaming, baking, searing
  • Food carving techniques
  • Garnishing and plating
  • Hygiene in food handling
  • Conducting sensory evaluation