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Mother Tongue


We are committed to nurturing students to be effective communicators with an understanding of our indigenous culture, and be global-ready citizens.

Our Team

Head of Department – Mdm Fong Lik Khuan 

Subject Head – Mr Soh Chung Wei (Chinese Language)

Chinese Language Teacher – Ms Su Huimin (Year Head/ Upper Secondary)

Chinese Language Teacher – Mdm Lim Chai Hoon

Chinese Language Teacher – Ms Adeline Chua Yi Ling

Chinese Language Teacher – Mr Chin Jiale Caleb

Chinese Language Teacher – Ms Liao Yongmei

Chinese Language Teacher – Ms Lim Hui Qi

Malay Language Teacher – Mdm Norasikin Awang (Coordinator)

Malay Language Teacher – Mdm Noor Siyah Salleh

Malay Language Teacher – Ms Nur Nadzirah Binte Abdul Halim

Tamil Language Teacher – Mrs Valliyammai Ramanathan (Coordinator)

Tamil Language Teacher – Mdm Gunasekaran Dhanalakshmi

Instructional Programme
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Curriculum Overview

Our school-based curriculum adopts the following approaches and pedagogies and seeks to achieve the 21st Century Competencies by developing our Montfortians to be self-directed learners, active contributors and confident individuals. Below are some of the approaches and pedagogies adopted in our lessons:

  • Collaborative and Cooperative Learning strategies
  • Differentiated teaching
  • On-line teaching and learning
  • Infusion of ICT and NE into curriculum
  • Group project work and discussions for team building

Our curriculum aims to equip and emphasize the four major aspects of language skills (Aural, Oral, Reading and Writing) to our students through EDGE programme.

  • Sec 1 – Engage
  • Sec 2 – Develop
  • Sec 3 – Grow
  • Sec 4/5 – Excel

Recognising oracy as the natural foundation for language learning, our Lower Secondary curriculum focuses more on developing oracy skills in our students. This is complemented with systematic teaching of oral vocabulary and sentence structures to develop students’ reading and writing skills. As they progress to upper secondary levels, the Upper Secondary Curriculum focuses to ensure our students are able to apply the skills they have learnt, think critically and achieve excellence in both written and spoken forms through communicating their ideas confidently.

Online Learning

To further enrich their learning experiences, online learning portals like iMTL portal and Google classroom are also extensively used for classroom learning. iMTL portal is targeted at promoting students’ interest and improve their competencies in mother tongue language through regular self-paced learning activities in an enriching web-based interactive environment. Students are able to input their thoughts and express themselves online through the hanyu pinyin input which aids them in learning oral presentation and interactive communication with the effective use of the portal during lessons.

Enrichment Activities

We seek to build up and nurture in Montfortians the ability to communicate effectively in their respective Mother Tongue languages, and expose them to numerous enrichment activities which are designed to arouse and sustain students’ interest in language learning through ICT. ICT helps to cultivate the habit of reading in students and trigger students’ interest to better appreciate ethnic culture.

Apart from teaching through the use of textbooks, opportunities are also created for experiential learning through outdoor classroom experiences like learning journeys, cultural camps and the Mother Tongue Fortnight Programme.