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To develop Montfortians to be analytical thinkers through problem solving and the mastery of mathematical skills

Our Team

Head of Department – Mdm Rachel Tang Yau Khee

Subject Head (Acting) – Mr Hairul Nizam Bin Ramli

Teacher – Mr Denis Leong (HOD / Character Citizenship Education)

Teacher – Ms Ong Wuan Seah (Assistant Year Head / Lower Sec)

Teacher – Ms Norazidah Abdol Aziz (Year Head / Lower Sec)

Teacher – Ms Yap Siew Phing

Teacher – Ms Clare Choy

Teacher – Ms Tan Wan Sim

Teacher – Ms Ang Guat Hong

Teacher – Ms Karen Touw June Hui

Teacher – Ms Koh Xin Wei

Teacher – Ms Lee Jia Qi

Teacher – Ms Liao Chieh Hsin

Teacher – Ms Chue Pui Fang

Teacher - Ms Tan Ying Lin Johanna

Instructional Programme

Our Mathematics Department strives to develop students to be self-directed and effective problem-solvers. As professionals, the department recognises the importance of creating a conducive environment which allows teachers to innovate and grow professionally.

Foundation-Building (Lower Secondary)

The department recognises the need for students to acquire a strong foundation in Lower Secondary. Therefore, we have focused on several core skills which include problem-solving skills (thinking skills and heuristics), presentation skills and core study skills such as note-taking and skills in understanding critical vocabulary in Mathematics. The Lower Secondary Normal Technical students are given opportunities to acquire concepts and subject mastery through online lessons in and outside curriculum time.

Thinking Skills

  • Classifying
  • Comparing
  • Sequencing
  • Analysing parts and wholes
  • Identifying patterns and relationships
  • Induction
  • Deduction
  • Spatial Visualisation


  • To give a representation, draw a diagram, make a list, use equations
  • To make a calculated guess (guess-and-check. Look for patterns, supposition)
  • To go through the process (work backwards, before-after)
  • To change the problem (restate the problem, simplify the problem, solve part of the problem)

Reinforcement and Consolidation (Upper Secondary)

The key focus of the Upper Secondary curriculum is to reinforce study skills with greater emphasis in interpreting different types of questions. Lower Secondary skills are also reinforced with more emphasis on assessment requirements.

The Mathematics Department continues to develop strategies to enhance students’ cognitive development. Students are often assigned authentic tasks to help them acquire a deeper understanding of the mathematical concepts and to make sense of various mathematical ideas as well as their connections and applications through solving real-life problems.

The department has also initiated several strategies to check for students’ understanding which include using manipulatives for Normal Academic and Normal Technical students, illustrations (diagrams and mindmap), Questioning (Bloom’s Taxonomy) and error analysis.