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Design and Technology


Nurture our students into men for others – being interdependent, self-motivated, creative and enterprising problem solvers.

Our Team

Subject Head – Mr Andrew Jonathan Teo

Teacher – Mr Sebastian Lim Cheng Teik

Teacher – Mr Herald Khoo Chin Yong

Teacher – Mr Izuan Bin Hussain Bagarib

Teacher - Mr Simon Sin Kum Sing

Technical Support Officer – Mr Tan Chin Eng

Technical Support Officer – Mr Nor Hashim Othman

Instructional Programme

The programme prepares the students for Design Thinking. It enables students to harness their innate curiosity and ability to create through design-and-make activities, foster positive values and develop dispositions for enterprise, creativity and innovation through research and exploration, continuous refinement of their ideas during idea conceptualisation and development stage, visual communication, working with different materials and tools and develop safe working habits in the workshop.





Lower Secondary Design and Technology

The one-year programme for each level is designed to benefit the students from the Design and Technology (D&T) and Applied Learning Programme (ALP) disciplines. The students take half a semester to learn each discipline.designtech_prog3.png

Under the D&T curriculum, the students will make artefacts. They will learn and apply design thinking skills to solve problems and document their work in their design journal. They are also exposed to workshop skills through the making of various artefacts in order to build and develop their confidence in handling different hand tools and machines. 


Upper Secondary Design and Technology


The one-year programme for this level continues to build on the fundamentals the students have learnt from their lower secondary with the focus to prepare them for the D&T coursework in their graduating year.

Under the D&T curriculum, the students will deepen their understanding of empathy and the subject by identifying design problems using different techniques, gathering of relevant research information, generating creative ideas, making a prototype and finally, realising their conceptual idea into a physical product in the workshop. In the process of learning, they will experience the use of CAD software for their journaling work. Their learning is further enhanced through the enrichment 
activities/elective module respectively.