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Computing / CPA


To develop in students the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to understanding and solving real-world problems using computers.

Our Team

Head of Department - Mr Ricky Tan

Teacher - Mr Wong Teck Piaw (Computing)

Teacher - Mr R Jayakumar 

Teacher - Mr Quek Soon Heng 

Teacher - Ms Ang Guat Hong 

Instructional Programme


As a natural extension of our Applied Learning Programme, the Computing department prepares Montfortians to be ready for the future. Students are challenged with real-world problems and go on “missions” to solve them through coding. With a heavy focus on the use of technology, we adopt the flipped learning model extensively and through it, students develop into independent and self-directed learners. 

Computer Applications

Computer Applications (CPA) was introduced in 1994 as a compulsory subject for secondary students in the Normal (Technical) course. Since its introduction, the syllabus has undergone several revisions to ensure its relevance and appeal to students.

Through the CPA syllabus, students will:      

1. acquire skills in using a variety of computer application software and hardware to accomplish tasks and communicate ideas
2. appreciate the ethical, legal and security issues relating to the use of computers and ICT in society
3. recognise the impact of ICT on society and people
4. develop basic computational thinking and problem-solving skills