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We seek to develop a life-long interest in an appreciation of the arts.

Our Team

Senior Teacher - Ms Chua Jing Lin, Eunice (Music Coordinator)

Teacher - Mr Khairyl B Hashim (Art Coordinator)

Teacher - Ms Rafidah Binte Muhammad Nasir

Teacher - Mr Yong Keen Whye

Instructional Programme

The 3 ‘E’ Framework




Therefore, in Montfort Secondary,

  • We believe the arts are for everyone.
  • We engage our creativity and imagination in artistic expressions.
  • We celebrate artistic talent and excellence.

Art (Lower Secondary)

The lower secondary program will see students through an exciting introduction of both 2D and 3D art-making lessons. Skills taught include Still Life Drawing & Painting, Figure Sketching, Mixed-media, Digital photography and Visual Art Appreciation. Apart from the acquisition of the various skills, the teaching also aims to inculcate a sense of observation, understanding, and appreciation of aesthetic values in nature and in our living environment.

Learning Art does go beyond our classroom as our students are also involved in external visitations to art galleries, performances and art events that will give them a holistic understanding and appreciation of the arts and aesthetics.

Criteria for Upper Secondary Art

To ensure students are able to cope with the upper secondary art curriculum, they need to meet the following requirements:

  1. At least a “B4” in Art at Secondary 2 

Art (Upper Secondary)

At the Upper Secondary Level, we focus on strengthening of skill, techniques and thought process of our students as well as developing familiarity in the use of materials to enhance visual communication and individual expression. Students are also encouraged to formulate their own visual understanding and appreciation through the Feldman’s approach and through an in depth Study Of Visual Arts (SOVA) which is offered as the third O level Art Paper. This gives flexibility to students opting for a written theory art paper. With all these artistic skills and knowledge imparted, our students are able to approach the rigours of the and O level Art Exam papers with better understanding and expectations in delivering their ideas across.

Summary of Art Curriculum


Instructional Program

Signature Program

Other Program

Secondary 1:

Sculpture (3D)

Poster Design (2D)

Drawing and Painting

Inquiry Based Learning


Art workshops

- Paper cutting

- Batik Painting                            

SYF Participation/ Exhibition (Artist and Citizenship)


Secondary 2:

3D Robot Sculpture (3D)

Drawing & Painting (2D)

Inquiry Based Learning


Artist Interaction and Exposure - Robots

SYF Participation/ Exhibition (Artist and Citizenship)


Secondary 3:

Outdoor Drawing

Drawing and Painting



Inquiry Based Learning

Collaboration with external organisation on art work (possible 8 feet by 4 feet) to be displayed


Learning Journey to National Gallery Singapore

SYF Participation/ Exhibition (Artist and Citizenship)

Secondary 4 & 5:

Excellence in Coursework Submission



Learning Journey to National Gallery Singapore

SYF Participation/ Exhibition (Artist and Citizenship)

Music (Lower Secondary)

The General Music Programme focuses on cultivating and developing our students’ skills and knowledge through providing them with direct experiences in the components of Listening and Music Making. Exposure to music of different genres help students develop an understanding of local and global cultures, with an awareness and appreciation of the links between music and daily living. Our music making and performance modules involve students singing and playing instruments with expression and accurate technique. Students develop confidence when performing solo or in an ensemble and learn to work collaboratively through music making.

Summary of Music Curriculum


Sec 1

Sec 2



General music concepts & genres

Ethnic Music

Musically Singaporean

Music Expression

Musical instrument – Guitars

Digital Music – Garage Band


Group Performance

Composing backing tracks for songs