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Character Development

Character Development

Montfortian Values Plus lessons

We customise our CCE lessons to meet the needs of our students. Our approach is to Engage the hearts and minds of students, to get students to put their knowledge through meaningful Action, for them to internalise their learning experience and to Reflect. Through the weekly Montfortian Values Plus (MVP) lessons conducted by Form Teachers, students are imparted with the knowledge, skills and values to enable them to be good persons and responsible citizens. Lessons are customised to meet the needs of our students. We include many hands-on activities and competitions to further engage the students in addition to resource packages.

The range of modules that students go through include:

  • Cyberwellness lessons
  • Education and Career Guidance lessons
  • Student Leadership lessons
  • National Education lessons
  • Sexuality Education lessons
  • Values-in-Action lessons

National Education

Normal Technical Task Force

NT Task Force’s first CIP cum Cultural Immersion Trip
Navid /Deva 4AB Reflections on Kunming Trip

We had enjoyed our trip to Kunming. It was truly a wonderful place to visit among the cities in Yunnan. We loved the people there as they were kind and respectful to us. We visited many places in Kunming. Some of which were the Green Lake Eco Park, Dinosaur Valley, The Dragon Gate of the Western Hill, Yunnan Ethnic Nationalities Museum, Tea Appreciation Centre, The Stone Forest and some street markets.

However, the best part of our trip was when we visited Chenggong Lixiang Primary School for our CIP. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves there by painting the walls of the classrooms, tending to their little garden and painting their basketball court. Although, the school looked old and worn out, the students were really happy to be studying there.

It made us realise that we do take our wonderful facilities in Montfort for granted. Many of them had their lunch either outside in the basketball court cum playground or in the class, even when it started to drizzle. There was no canteen for them to sit and enjoy their simple meal. Their classroom was made up of several benches which were both tables and chairs for few of them to share. Needless to say, they were appreciative of us painting their school and came to thank us for brightening their walls.

They were overjoyed when later we distributed sweets to all the 675 children in the school. We also had collected about 140 English children’s books which we donated to the schools. Our buddies exchanged gifts with us at the end of the visit with a personal note written by each one of them. Our highlight of the visit to the school was playing games and performing for the children. We had great fun skipping rope- Chinese style!
In our opinion, we should have more students to go on these overseas CIP trips. It will really open our eyes and minds to how people live in different countries. This will make us truly appreciate our life in Singapore, which many of us take for granted. This gave us an opportunity to do something worthwhile for others and gave us a lot of self-satisfaction which money can’t buy. If given another opportunity to go on these CIP trips again, we wouldn’t miss the chance! We would like to thank the school and the teachers who had organised and accompanied us on this trip, it was really enlightening!

Sexuality Education

Values in Action

E-Career Guidance

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