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  • To nurture every Montfortian to be responsible, respectful and reflective citizens with care and concern for the world around them.
  • To create a stimulating learner-centred curriculum which develops critical thinking, imbue values and build character.
  • To develop every Humanities Teacher to be a competent and caring professional who has a learner mindset in striving for excellence.

Our Team


Head of Department (Acting) – Mrs Judeana Lim-Woon

Senior Teacher – Mrs Punitha Ramesh

Teacher – Ms Xu Wanjing (Head Of Department/ Character and Citizenship Education) (Geography)

Teacher – Mr Vincent Loh Guan Wee (Subject Head/ Entrepreneurship) (EBS)

Teacher – Ms Kavitha Supramanian (Social Studies)

Teacher – Ms Low Guan Lin (Social Studies)

Teacher – Mr Wilson Heng Wei Chin (Social Studies/History)

Teacher – Mr Ansar Mohamed Sali (Geography)

Teacher – Ms Cyndia Leow Poh Geok (Geography/Social Studies)

Teacher – Mr Ivan Ann Zhi Yuan (History/Social Studies)

Teacher – Ms Ong Wan Ting (History)

Teacher – Mr Ronald Yapp (EBS)

Teacher – Ms Tan Wan Sim (EBS)

Teacher – Ms Norshirin Sulaiman (POA)

Allied Educator – Ms Harbans Kaur Kullar

Instructional Programme

humanities_prog1 humanities_prog2

To prepare our students for the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) realities of the globalized world in the 21st century, the Humanities Department seeks to develop in our Montfortians inquiring and critical thinking skills, understanding of key knowledge across Humanities disciplines and imbue beliefs and attitudes that will empower them to be discerning and caring contributors of society.

Department Pedagogy

Being an all-boys school, this is done through offering a boy-centric pedagogy which is tailored to our students’ learning needs and offering rich, meaningful learning experiences both within and outside the classroom.

Our department’s boy-centric pedagogy focuses on the following keys areas:


Spiral Curriculum from Lower secondary to Upper Secondary

  • Key content and skills are progressively built from lower to upper secondary
  • Lower secondary: Inference and Comparison Source Based Skills (History) Describe Trends, O.S.A and Geographical Investigation (Geography)
  • Upper secondary: Reliability, Usefulness and Assertion Source Based Skills (History and Social Studies) Compare and Contrast, Annotating (Geography)

Explicit teaching of study skills to nurture self-directed learners

  • Cornell-note taking
  • Use of colour-coded Mind-maps

Visible thinking routines

  • I used to think…now I think
  • What makes you say that?
  • Step Inside-See-Think-Wonder

Structured Lesson Design

  • Explicit lesson outcomes
  • Exemplars to set high expectations
  • Less teacher-talk, more student centred self-directed learning
  • Checking for understanding

Collaborative Learning

  • Cooperative learning strategies
  • Peer-teaching and learning
  • Clearly-defined roles within groups

Meaningful Learning Experiences Outside the Classroom

Through our Humanities curriculum, we seek to excite our Montfortians by creating authentic learning experiences that extend beyond the classroom. Here is what our students can look forward to in 2016.

Secondary 1

  • ‘World Religions’ Learning Journey
  • Punggol Integrated Learning Journey-Punggol Beach Massacre

Secondary 2

  • Battlefield Study Tours•Visit to the National Museum

Secondary 3

  • Civic District Learning Journey

Secondary 4/5

  • Army Days Learning Journey

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